Thursday, August 5, 2010

Right or left, incompetent

Supreme court drama wrapped up today with Kagan getting confirmed largely on party lines. It has become fashionable to be polarized. No one care about the people in the end. There are still over 8 million unemployed.

Issues with the right: They want to be pro-business, anti-deficit, pro-life, anti-gay, anti-tax, environment-neutral and pro-defense. Now, they are same ones who want to continue the tax cuts which added 2.3 Trillion to the long term deficit, more than wars, more than prescription drug benefit. They did it with their eyes open. They hate immigrants of all shades, although they pro-port to like the "legal" ones, but want to repeal the 14th amendment. They like guns rights, and ability to conceal them and use them, yet would not want additional law enforcement. They are pro-life but also want to take life with pro-capital punishment.  Their math and policies conflict each other, but they do not care. They want to be defenders of freedom and democracy but happy to crave to the Chinese, for buying our debt. They are the party of no ideas. One thing they do well: they are disciplined, they make no bones about liking the rich, they can channel focused hate (whether it be nations or particular races).  Silly as it seems there are no moderates here.

Issues with the left:   They want to be pro middle class, and poor, pro-gay, pro-choice, business neutral, pro-environment, pro-tax and spending programs, pro-union and anti-capital punishment. They have been around for 4 years now, and they have nothing to show for. Yes, a depression was prevented, but there are no jobs. Now, they say they like the common man, but in reality they do want to pander to the rich. They fund elections. They want to spend and think structural deficits mean nothing. They are not disciplined and have no guts to make hard choices, irrespective of mega majorities.They still are a party of bad ideas. They want to pander to unions, and immigrants, for purely political reasons. Unions have no utility in the 21st century, and it will kill progress and competitiveness in United States. Immigrants keep up that innovation engine alive, and also keep orange prices low, but in reality they just want that vote block.

Every one knows we just care about us, our constituency, our race, our people and no one else. We do not want to make hard choices. We just want to talk about them.

The truth is: we cannot sustain the deficits, we are not competitive, we are draining away money in wars that can't be won, we cannot have the same social programs in the future, we do not have the best health care for the cost, we cannot ignore the 12 million who are here illegally, we cannot continue to have a society which does not reward meritocracy.  Asia now controls more wealth than Europe and will also have more than US in less than 10 years. So, we are soon to be second rate in every way, and only we have to blame for it. Even England had woken up to that hard fact. We are still asleep on the wheel, does not matter who is driving the car, right, left, or center - we are driving us up a cliff and drive us down a deep abyss from where there is no return - just misery. We all have to take the blame for it.

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